Saturday, 5 May 2012

St Helen's

This is St Helen's and at the moment one of my main buildings that tells so many story's a miniature friend asked me if I would be interested in this little church building and of course when I saw it I thought perfect for my next project !!!!  I have always wanted to do a church and when I saw the shape of the building it reminded me  of a church here where I live  Called St Helen's same shape building so it had to be a miniature 12th scale of St Helen's of course with my own added twist into it. This has been a ongoing project over the last 12 months and has been so much fun to do. Click the photo's to enlarge 

 After walking around the real St Helen's taking pictures of the stone work, windows etc I knew what I wanted to use outside, the colours and they had to be bricks, and while walking around B&Q a few days later, I saw some Vinyl floor tiles and thought perfect colour .. If I chop them all up will be perfect
 Once I started with the bricking I also started thinking about the widows and how I was going to make some stained glass windows, So using transparent over head projector sheets, I printed stain glass window gave the windows a bit of kit bashing and placed them in
 After a few days and also after buying some slate roof tiles from Ebay the building was bricked and tiled, All that needed to be done was the top window and the door. I wanted a main window to represent what was going on inside

                                    And of course it had to be a Welsh Dragon lol
 It was then at this stage I needed to talk to my Friend Christina O'Neill  from Ceas Garden Miniatures  who does absolutely the most wonderful  mini landscaping and after a few chats she started to design Lots of Ivy for the building
  Here's the door painted and of course a Dragon Door Knocker from Nicky cc
 Within a couple of weeks Christina had designed all the Ivy and sent it across the pond to be added onto St Helen's

I was so thrilled with all her work and how it transformed the church and made it look as realistic as possible  we then also chatted about a base and and while I made the base,and  head stones Christina was working away designing all the flowers for the base, Flowers for the path, head stones and across the main Church wall. When they arrived I couldn't get over how beautiful they were and how real they looked       

 And this is now St Helen's by day as it it today, Still lots of work to do inside but most of it is done, I will post about inside on a another post and reveal the Magic twist about this little church


  1. I do love your St. Helens, you have done an awesome job.


  2. Thank you Victoria its been fun to do :)) Tomorrow I will post inside ;)