Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Little People

I thought before I post any more of my projects that I'm working on at the moment doing a bit on each I better had introduce who lives in all my little houses and yes of course they are all witches and elves and a wizard too!      Im hoping when have more space LOL All the buildings will go together like a little village where this family live each project has been so much fun to do and I will post their buildings too soon.  It all started with Grandma Finella Fiddlestick who is a lovely friendly old witch that celebrates life in all its forms, she lives on the outskirts of quite a wealthy town so is well paid for her healing potions. She absolutely refuses to wear black! She said there is time enough for that when grim pays her a visit! She is getting ready for her daily rounds, basket laden with potions and portents! her daily walks means she is able to stay active and spry, plus it means she can scour the hedgerows on her way home for making the next days potions, She has two granddaughters called Matilda and Esmerelda,  Matilda is a little witch child who is very mischievous and loves to learn and test her new inventions spells and potions She can be found all over in the village either in St Helen's with her grandmother, making potions  while Finella tends to the flowers,  Or she is causing mischief with her little friend Dobby in her shop.. When ever Finella goes into the village she is always with her little friend Sproggle Of course Finealla is a grandma to them all. Matilda, Dobby and Sproogle all live at Grandma's house and Esmerelda who is a little older than Matilda lives in her Steampunk Tower she likes to have her own place and time to her self away from her little sister blowing up potions lol..  And of course there's the professor Davidovsky He  makes all the potions in this little Village with the help from Finella and her grandaughters of course ;) . If you click on the pictures they will enlarge
                                                                 Grandma Finella   


                                                                 The pofessor
Grandma Finella, Sproogles and The professor are all from Nicky cc .. Dobby My lovely friend Julia made for me, matilda is from Bellabelle Dolls and Esmerelda flew all the way over on her broom from Texas lol  


  1. I am honoured to have my dolls in your settings hun, you just bring them to life with a very special magic indeed! :))

  2. Thank you Nicky, They are so wonderful to collect and create scenes for them in their houses :))

  3. Wonderful blog, look forward to popping back again to see your postings :-)