Monday, 7 May 2012

Inside of St Helen's

 After posting St Helen's the other day and everything that had been done outside, You can now see Inside and what's really going on inside It may look like a normal church on the outside but as your about to see it's a little different! I wanted it be  magical inside and a special place for Finella and her family. Inside holds lots of magical powers that only Vinweeda Witches can use and is where all of Vinweeda's magic / potions are secretly kept . There is also many little Dragons around St Helen's that protect and guard all of Vinweeda's Magic and secrets Some of them are over a hundred years old and were trained by the greatest wizard of all who was known as ' The Wizard of Vinweeda '  .. Click on the photo's to enlarge

 Behind the main door is this little entrance room, this is the room so far and in this picture there are only two Dragons on the wall, I have another two to add, but as soon as you enter their eye's are on you watching you very closely. You can see sat in the bottom of the cabinet is Smorg Maltida's baby Dragon, this little Dragon was my very first little one from Nicky cc and ever since have been collecting more and more of her little critters,  Smorg likes to wait here for when Matilda comes to visit

 This is the main church hall where you can see The greatest Wizard of Vinweeda he is Matilda's and Esmerelda's grandfather. It's here in St Helen's that his wishes are for them both to learn everything he knew so they can continue the legacy of Vinweeda.  As you an see there is a  funeral about to be take place, Old Aunt Agatha has passed away but still her spirit lives on and today is to celebrate her life as you can see her favourite party hat has been placed on her coffin as she loved to ParTy  her coffin has been handmade by Victoria DarkSquirrel and the hat is of course A Kat The Hat lady Hat .. called ' Lets do the time warp ' which is very fitting for Old Aunt Agatha  as her ghost can be seen around St Helen's doing the time warp with a bottle of rum!  And also she will pop through her sister's mirror to say Hellooo dear  ..  My lovely friend Julia made my wonderful  throne especially for in here and Nicky cc also made me the fabulous lectern with a lovely Dragon called Sabrina who is having a little snooze while everyone gets ready

 Matilda has arrived and already Smorg has followed her into a special room he likes to sit under the chair and keep watch for Matilda

And here is the room behind the main Dragon window where the Vinweeda cabinet is .. This fabulous Cabinet is one of Victoria Darksquirrel creations that she made especially for this room and it is one of my favourite pieces there's so many wonderful potions and Matilda loves to experiment with them and find out what does what lol  Also her first little gremlin pet is in here, he is called Griff and  my first Gremlin from Nicky cc he is a very mischievous little gremlin, Matilda came back with him one day after a walk in the woods, so while training him she has to keep him in his cage otherwise there's mayhem  in the potion room!! Sparks flying literally! 


   And here you have St Helen's by night ....


  1. Thats lovely Helen i am enjoying this blog very much, i love all the names of your Dragons