Thursday, 10 May 2012

More new things for Matilda's shop

Well this week while I have been collecting more little mini's from Nicky cc I thought I better make some more little potions  for Matilda's shelves and now my little gremlins have arrived  and some bottles from Nicky also on the cabinet 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Inside of St Helen's

 After posting St Helen's the other day and everything that had been done outside, You can now see Inside and what's really going on inside It may look like a normal church on the outside but as your about to see it's a little different! I wanted it be  magical inside and a special place for Finella and her family. Inside holds lots of magical powers that only Vinweeda Witches can use and is where all of Vinweeda's magic / potions are secretly kept . There is also many little Dragons around St Helen's that protect and guard all of Vinweeda's Magic and secrets Some of them are over a hundred years old and were trained by the greatest wizard of all who was known as ' The Wizard of Vinweeda '  .. Click on the photo's to enlarge

 Behind the main door is this little entrance room, this is the room so far and in this picture there are only two Dragons on the wall, I have another two to add, but as soon as you enter their eye's are on you watching you very closely. You can see sat in the bottom of the cabinet is Smorg Maltida's baby Dragon, this little Dragon was my very first little one from Nicky cc and ever since have been collecting more and more of her little critters,  Smorg likes to wait here for when Matilda comes to visit

 This is the main church hall where you can see The greatest Wizard of Vinweeda he is Matilda's and Esmerelda's grandfather. It's here in St Helen's that his wishes are for them both to learn everything he knew so they can continue the legacy of Vinweeda.  As you an see there is a  funeral about to be take place, Old Aunt Agatha has passed away but still her spirit lives on and today is to celebrate her life as you can see her favourite party hat has been placed on her coffin as she loved to ParTy  her coffin has been handmade by Victoria DarkSquirrel and the hat is of course A Kat The Hat lady Hat .. called ' Lets do the time warp ' which is very fitting for Old Aunt Agatha  as her ghost can be seen around St Helen's doing the time warp with a bottle of rum!  And also she will pop through her sister's mirror to say Hellooo dear  ..  My lovely friend Julia made my wonderful  throne especially for in here and Nicky cc also made me the fabulous lectern with a lovely Dragon called Sabrina who is having a little snooze while everyone gets ready

 Matilda has arrived and already Smorg has followed her into a special room he likes to sit under the chair and keep watch for Matilda

And here is the room behind the main Dragon window where the Vinweeda cabinet is .. This fabulous Cabinet is one of Victoria Darksquirrel creations that she made especially for this room and it is one of my favourite pieces there's so many wonderful potions and Matilda loves to experiment with them and find out what does what lol  Also her first little gremlin pet is in here, he is called Griff and  my first Gremlin from Nicky cc he is a very mischievous little gremlin, Matilda came back with him one day after a walk in the woods, so while training him she has to keep him in his cage otherwise there's mayhem  in the potion room!! Sparks flying literally! 


   And here you have St Helen's by night ....

Saturday, 5 May 2012

St Helen's

This is St Helen's and at the moment one of my main buildings that tells so many story's a miniature friend asked me if I would be interested in this little church building and of course when I saw it I thought perfect for my next project !!!!  I have always wanted to do a church and when I saw the shape of the building it reminded me  of a church here where I live  Called St Helen's same shape building so it had to be a miniature 12th scale of St Helen's of course with my own added twist into it. This has been a ongoing project over the last 12 months and has been so much fun to do. Click the photo's to enlarge 

 After walking around the real St Helen's taking pictures of the stone work, windows etc I knew what I wanted to use outside, the colours and they had to be bricks, and while walking around B&Q a few days later, I saw some Vinyl floor tiles and thought perfect colour .. If I chop them all up will be perfect
 Once I started with the bricking I also started thinking about the widows and how I was going to make some stained glass windows, So using transparent over head projector sheets, I printed stain glass window gave the windows a bit of kit bashing and placed them in
 After a few days and also after buying some slate roof tiles from Ebay the building was bricked and tiled, All that needed to be done was the top window and the door. I wanted a main window to represent what was going on inside

                                    And of course it had to be a Welsh Dragon lol
 It was then at this stage I needed to talk to my Friend Christina O'Neill  from Ceas Garden Miniatures  who does absolutely the most wonderful  mini landscaping and after a few chats she started to design Lots of Ivy for the building
  Here's the door painted and of course a Dragon Door Knocker from Nicky cc
 Within a couple of weeks Christina had designed all the Ivy and sent it across the pond to be added onto St Helen's

I was so thrilled with all her work and how it transformed the church and made it look as realistic as possible  we then also chatted about a base and and while I made the base,and  head stones Christina was working away designing all the flowers for the base, Flowers for the path, head stones and across the main Church wall. When they arrived I couldn't get over how beautiful they were and how real they looked       

 And this is now St Helen's by day as it it today, Still lots of work to do inside but most of it is done, I will post about inside on a another post and reveal the Magic twist about this little church

Inside Matilda's shop, progress so far

I've been slowly filling up Inside the shop deciding how and what to use, I wanted it to have a bit of everything and using the main shelving on the left as more of bric a brac etc so here's where I'm up too so far, Today I received a wonderful parcel from Nicky cc of more of her creations that just go so well in here.          
Click on the photo's to enlarge 

 My lovely friend Christina  sent me the bottle on the Left its such a different piece to what I have seen before so I added some butterfly's  inside and also added these fab red beads from kat into the other bottle
                           I'm still slowly working on this bookshelf but its getting there

 This cute little guy is from Nicky and just so sweet he's snoozing after a busy morning sorting through scrolls

 Another cute little gremlin from Nicky to go with my other barrels that I have collected from Nicky too

                                          Nicky also sent me these fab scroll's in the middle

                         And another one of Nickys little Gremlins this time on this lovely book

 And these fab little beads which make perfect Magic Dragon Eggs 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Little People

I thought before I post any more of my projects that I'm working on at the moment doing a bit on each I better had introduce who lives in all my little houses and yes of course they are all witches and elves and a wizard too!      Im hoping when have more space LOL All the buildings will go together like a little village where this family live each project has been so much fun to do and I will post their buildings too soon.  It all started with Grandma Finella Fiddlestick who is a lovely friendly old witch that celebrates life in all its forms, she lives on the outskirts of quite a wealthy town so is well paid for her healing potions. She absolutely refuses to wear black! She said there is time enough for that when grim pays her a visit! She is getting ready for her daily rounds, basket laden with potions and portents! her daily walks means she is able to stay active and spry, plus it means she can scour the hedgerows on her way home for making the next days potions, She has two granddaughters called Matilda and Esmerelda,  Matilda is a little witch child who is very mischievous and loves to learn and test her new inventions spells and potions She can be found all over in the village either in St Helen's with her grandmother, making potions  while Finella tends to the flowers,  Or she is causing mischief with her little friend Dobby in her shop.. When ever Finella goes into the village she is always with her little friend Sproggle Of course Finealla is a grandma to them all. Matilda, Dobby and Sproogle all live at Grandma's house and Esmerelda who is a little older than Matilda lives in her Steampunk Tower she likes to have her own place and time to her self away from her little sister blowing up potions lol..  And of course there's the professor Davidovsky He  makes all the potions in this little Village with the help from Finella and her grandaughters of course ;) . If you click on the pictures they will enlarge
                                                                 Grandma Finella   


                                                                 The pofessor
Grandma Finella, Sproogles and The professor are all from Nicky cc .. Dobby My lovely friend Julia made for me, matilda is from Bellabelle Dolls and Esmerelda flew all the way over on her broom from Texas lol  

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Professor Davidovsky

I got a Fabulous Wizard from Nicky and wanted him to have his own little potion room where he spends most of his time making potions and testing out his magic, So I used an old Room Box I had and decorated it for him and collected some wonderful potions from Victoria dark squirrel. My lovely friend Carlanne sent me the gold deer from her hubbys whisky bottle and the magical glass/ Mystic Eye, Also there are some candles  that  Vicky made and my fabulous Mirror that My lovely friend Julia made for me. The table and chair is from Afan Vally Miniatures. if you click on the photo's they will enlarge